Some people prefer to live in a small town. Other prefer to live in a big city. Which places would you prefer to live in? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

If I had a choice between living in a small town and living in a big city, I would prefer staying in an enormous city. Living in a modern city provides a number of advantages: good infrastructure, really high salaries, and good environment for business. To begin with, I am now living in a definitely great city, which has excellent infrastructure. For instance, there are lots of lash places, like parks, forests, lakes, rivers; medicine centers, like surgeries, hospitals; leisure centers, like swimming pools, gyms, sports centers; educational buildings, like schools, universities, libraries. In comparison with small town there are, however, only one park, hospital, and college on the entire town. Secondly, enormous cities – are the centers of districts, and it provides that there have got absolutely high salaries. It can be described on the example of common habitant of big city. For example, medium class citizen of big city is able to have an expensive car, rich flat, and good-looking clothes. Also, they more travel around the world. The people, who are living in a small town haven’t got good salary, because small city doesn’t attend lots of tourists, habitants. Moreover, if I want to make a business I should do it only in big cities. Large cities have a number of livers. It provides idea that if I want to open my bakery, large cities could give me opportunity, like many rich customers. As I said above, there are small number of citizen in towns, it causes that my business will not be successful. It should be noted that small towns are given small part of money from the government. Hence, I would like to live in a big city. In spite of having pollution in a big city, living there provides no end of proses, like access to good infrastructure, high income, good chances to make a really successful business.
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