some people prefer interactive classes , other prefer to only listen to teacher speak. which do you prefer ? use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

It is critically important to pay attention during a teacher is lecturing us because the only that we can learn a new material is to keep focus; Therefore, Some students prefer to listen to teacher in order to keep their focus up, other prefer to have interaction. Personally, I prefer to have interaction in a class because it helps to discover all the parts that I need. To make it clear, I will explore my reasons in the following paragraphs. To begin with, Learning from a teacher is a process that is require having focus, and the way that we can have high concentrate is related to our brain. For instance, when I become silent during a class, my mind always keep trying to make different distractions, and I always loose vital part of a lecture. For example, when I was a student in high school, I had to participate to class despite the sickness because We were close to the semester. The problem was that I could not be active like I used to be; Accordingly, I had to be silent, and the result was nothing because my brain would not have let me to focus. Hence, this example was enough to demonstrate that I have to be active in class, and have a debate with my teacher to explore every part of a subject. Furthermore, Some courses are required for having a debate in order to learn it thoroughly because we need to understand what the problem is. For instance, in a math class being silent and listening to a lecturer is nonsense because we have to debate over a problem to find out the best solution for an issue. For example, I used to study math and programming by myself; Although I tried my best numerous times I could not get the high grade that I needed; Hence, I decided to try another approach. As we were close to miss the deadline. I immediately rang my friends to make an appointment in order to study together, and we studied all night, and because every one of us had a different method to solve a problem, we were able to transport our solution to each other and as a result, we could learn different mean in a short time. To conclude, I explore two reasons to explain why I prefer to have interaction in a class; Hence, If I want to learn a new subject in a smooth way, the best way for me is to interact with a teacher.
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