Some universities offer online courses as an alternative to classes delivered on campus. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

In recent years, a wide range of colleges suggest online learning alongside the classes held on campus. This is faced with some benefits and drawbacks. If there is a balance between these two types of learning systems, from my standpoint, it will be more effective. To begin with, online course brings about some disadvantages known as deficiencies. First of all, losing social contact and communication with more people in society due to staying at home more frequently, leads to weak social behavior and negative effect on growing students' independency. Additionally, students who are mostly stuck behind a desk suffer from some discomforts such as bad posture, obesity, and pale skin because they do not leave the house to be in open areas, get fresh air and go for a walk. At last, some courses need practical hands-on experiences namely laboratories, workshops, or mixed-ability classes which cannot be fulfilled by online teaching. On the contrary, as technology gradually improves, e-classes help everyone involved in the whole education system by proposing some positive features. Firstly, it is the fact educational fees are high for most families such as buying flight tickets to and renting houses in the city where the university is located. Therefore, the considerable strength of online learning is economically saving time and cost. Secondly, the quiet and private ambiance of home, far from the distraction and hustle and bustle of the city, helps students to concentrate more on the subjects they are studying. Finally, studying through the Internet lays the groundwork for anyone around the world who is academically inclined to make use of any courses he likes in order to upgrade their knowledge. Thus, this kindles their interest in education which results globally in promoting academic attainment. To summarize, nowadays some institutes provide online training for students as another option which, in my idea, to gain higher academic performance, it would be better to take a middle position between using distance learning and attending face-to-face classes.
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