At universities and colleges, sports and social activities are just as important as classes and libraries and should receive equal financial support Are you agree or disagree?

A university is a place where many students go to study, fortunately, some of them have already known their passion, and what they want to be, but unfortunately, most of the students still have not known what they want to do after their graduation. It is undeniable that in addition to university courses, many pupils also find their passion through college activities. Sport activity is one of the most popular among other activities in the university. Unluckily, many universities still judge sports activities to be less important than other academic facilities, such as the university library. Consequently, numerous universities are likely to spend less money on sports activities and spend on other academic facilities instead. Or in another word, they sometimes overlook that sports activities are not less important than other academic facilities. To be more reasonable, there are mainly three reasons to indicate that sports activities are also important as other academic facilities, such as the university library. Firstly, the university can be reputed for having a first-rate student athletic team. It is undeniable fact that every university is fighting for its reputation. Because all universities want a lot of students to enrol in them. Apart from the outstanding academic facilities that can grant a university a reputation, sports can also grant the university reputation, if the university has a strong university sports team. To support a sports team, we cannot deny that financial support from the university itself is important, to building a high-quality sports field, hiring a well-qualified coach or even buying well-made sports equipment. Secondly, university athletic activity might be the first step for students, who are interested in sports activities, to become world-class sportspersons. It is obvious that many famous sportspersons in the world started playing sports while they studied at universities, where they support sport activity. But if the universities, that they have studied at, did not support sport activity, they would not become world-class sportspersons. It is a fact that the best period to start playing sports is the college period. However, this is the reason why many well-known sportspersons, who started playing sports during college period, have good athletic skills. Because the universities, where they studied, had always been supporting them in sports activity during their college period, their best time to practice sport skill. Thirdly, students can recover their mental health during sports period. It is a fact many students have mentally suffered enough during tough study times. And sport can be an antidote for them to recover their mental health because sport factually is an activity that can help students to forget stressful things temporally. It is obvious that forgetting stressful things temporally can be a good solution for developing their mental health during tough times in college, for example, the final exam period or big project period. In conclusion, institution reputations, the first step to becoming a good sportsperson, and mental health recovering during the sport period are the indisputable reasons the universities spend the same amount of money on athletic activities as they spend on university libraries.
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