Students should be required to attend classes. Do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, the tendency toward academic education increases year by year. People try to get at least a bachelor's degree at universities. However, there is a heated controversy on whether students should attend their classes. While some people may think students should have the freedom to go to classes, others may think class participation should be mandatory. I am inclined to the latter one mainly because of two reasons. Firstly, by attending classes, students can learn more about their courses. Although there are varieties of materials outside that students can use, Sometimes professors mention new information that is not available in the textbooks and visual teaching can improve students' memory. For instance, a professor may talk about some recent research he is doing on the subject discussed in class and his point of view helps students to have a better perspective. Besides, in this way, they can acquire the lessons in a consistent manner. I think people like to postpone their duties when there is no pressure on them. Nonetheless, by learning some new materials every week and step by step, the pressure for studying at the end of the term will decrease. Moreover, universities must not be considered as just a place for getting degrees. Students can learn social behaviors through communication with their classmates. In fact, students can improve their soft skills, since they are making friends with others and through some group projects they can face challenges.universities can be places where students talk about society and know more about social norms. For example, in one of my courses, I cooperated with three individuals in form of a group. During implementing the project, I had some conflicts with one of them, named Sara.However, with help of another member of our group, we finally solved the problem. These kinds of stuff can make us ready for our social life in the future. In conclusion, many may think that participating in classes should not be obligatory for students, but in my view, participating in classes can assist not only students' learning but also their social lives.
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