Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Teachers should be paid according to how much their students learn. Give specific reasons and examples to support your opinion

I believe that teachers should be evaluated and therefore, be paid as much as their students learn. In this method of payment, teachers will concern more about the number of their classes rather than how many classes they have. And this will result in teachers who are better in their jobs that help students to grow better and faster. First of all, teachers will be more considerate about students learning and they will put more effort into scheduling their classes. Resulting in avoiding wasting any time. This means students will benefit more during the class. For example, I had a teacher back in high school who had scheduled every minute of the class in a way to teach us as much as possible. Her classes were always filled with new things to learn. And there was no time to waste. Secondly, This method helps teachers to be more creative during the time they teach. Because their goal is for everybody to learn and contribute in the class, they should choose teaching methods that encourage all of the students to learn more and simultanousely bring excitement to the classrooms. Once, I was attending to a course in physics and since the teacher used many new and interactive activities for us the average score of the class was more than classes with routine teaching methods. Finally, Teachers will focus on each student individually. That is because they care for everyone to learn as much as they can and improve in the best way. The theachers might involve more with each student and care to know more about their study time at home. My professor at university had weekly meeting with us to discuss how the classes and homework have been. The time I spent sharing my problems was helpful to know what I should do to be better at learning the course. To summarize, I argue that for evaluating teachers one should care more about how they are helpful to the students. This is important to know how much time they spend on each student individually and how it benefits the students.
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