do you agree or disagree with the following statement? it is important to keep old friends that it is to make new friends.

Some poeple claim that keeping old friendships is more important because when the time passes you can feel more friendly with them. However, in my opinion, it is more crucial to make new friends for the following three reasons. First of all, making new friends is critical because you can find new opportunities. For example, I found my current job through my friend, Marjia, who was working as a Human Resources person in my current company. In contrast, my brother is sending his resume, everyday, to different places and yet, he was not able to find a good fit. Finding new chances and having the ability to improve with life, shows clearly why it is imortant to form new frienships. Undoubtedly, experiencing new things that you don't usually do, is a result of hanging out with new people. For example, when I went to the college I experienced bungee jumping which, I would have never done if I didn't find new exciting persons. When you spend your time with different personalities you can learn and experience exciting things. Finally, breaking habbits can be a consequence of meeting new companions. For instance, I always used to sleep late in the morning. After I met Elisa, because she was a mountain climber and she was used to getting up soon, I also put aside my bad behaviour and now everyday I wake up very soon. New company can get a person to go out of his/her comfort zone and develop new ways to live the life better. In conclusion, while keeping old firends is important, the above three reasons clearly show that making new friends is more necessary.
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