Some parents offer their school-age children money for each high grade (mark) they get in school. Do you think this is a good idea? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Never before in the history has the problem of education been such salient than today. Since people treat education much more important, parents are likely to create some new methods to encourage their children to become more passionate about study. Recently, the phenomenon that parents give their children money as a reward for getting high mark in school has caused wide public concern. Some people indicate that it will change children's opinion on study, making them believe only money is the purpose of study. However, I contend that giving some money to children as a reward is a good choice, a choice that its merits weigh out its drawbacks. To start with, giving money to the children as a reward can stimulate children to study harder. When children get feedback of their hard work, the study will become a happy job instead of just a boring duty. We cannot refute that sometimes study could be really boring, doing a lot of exercises, reading passages, working out math problems. So setting a goal for children is necessary for the children to keep their interests. If they could use the money to buy what they want as a gift, children will pursue the good mark harder. Another reason drives me to indicate is that, financial thinking as an important ability which is useful to the modern people, meaning that we need to teach our children how to manage their own money. During the method that giving money as a reward, children will have a chance to manage their own money. Parents will benefit children not only to their current life but also to their future. For instance, my mother used to give me some money as a reward when I was young. And I used that money to start my own account in the bank. After that, I would periodically save some money, which has already become a large amount of money nowadays. Admittedly, it is unwise to give much money once a time when children get a good mark, since that the children will seek only for money during their study. The goal we expect is to encourage our children and tell them to pursue more success. However, if we make sure that children will not misunderstand the meaning of the reward and keep a health attitude to the money. It will be fine to do so. Judging from what I've mentioned above, I should reinforce my perspective that it is good for parents to give their children money as a reward for getting high mark in school.
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