Nowadays, more and more people decide to have children later in their life. What are the reasons? Do the advantages of this overweight disadvantages?

Parents are gradually becoming older. While my grandparents made their family when they were about 20, my parents had me when they were 31. I can imagine that the observed trend will bring me to have my children at 35-40. This phenomena, the one regarding the choice to postpone the age in which to become parent, is clearly becoming more and more common, at least in Italy, the country of which I can talk about. There are several reasons why many people could follow this path. First of all, life expectance is continuously getting longer. For this reason people are generically spending more years in each phase of their life, youth included. I believe that your 30s is the age in which you can enjoy life the most. In fact, on one side you already have some money because, luckily, you already have a stable job. On the other, what differenciates this age fromthe retirement one is that you are still in good health. This allows you to express yourself in many activities that you could not do in your 70s. For instance, you could be able to travel, to do dangerous sports, you could go for a ride in your motorbike or you could decide to spend our free time taking care about you. if you begin your parental life too soon you will just delay the time in which to care just about your well-being. However, sometimes t can happen that you preclude to yourself some opportunities. I have an aunt who had her first and only daughter at the age of 45. She had the possibility to visit many parts of the globe with her husband and their motorbike and this fact was possible just because they did not have to think about any sons. When they turned 45 they decided to have a baby. Now they simply are a normal family in which the parents have fully lived ther lives and have made important experiences. Nevertheless, such a choiche also have some negative consequences. The first one regards the fact that sometimes it can happen that waiting so long before becoming parents brings to the unfertile period. My aunt who had her baby at 45 had to to a 3 years long cure n order to keep her ovaries working. This aspect can have a strong mental and economical impact. On top of that, the more you wait the more the danger of having children with handicapp grows. This risk has to be taken into account when analyzing this fact. In conclusion, I generally support the idea of making the youth age a bit longer by postponing the birth of the children. However, as every other choice in life, every decision has its consequences that need to be considered.
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