Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?The opinions of celebrities, such as famous entertainers and athletes, are more important to younger people than they are to older people.Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

Many people are concerned about how to treat the opinions of celebrities. How could their opinion possibly influence this society? What could occur after they divulge it to the public? In my view, their comments tend to be so influential for many young and older people. In the beginning, celebrities’ opinions could significantly affect both young and older people. Unlike ordinary people, celebrities have many opportunities to express their opinion publicly. In addition, even on social networking websites like Twitter, where ordinary people also give their views in public, celebrities´ opinions are more likely to be always attentive. For instance, the Twitter post of Kou Shibasaki, a famous Japanese actress, encouraged many Japanese people to exercise their voting rights. Before her post, the Japanese voting rate was low because they thought that their vote was meaningless in improving society. However, her post saying that each ballot could be essential for policy amendment as to increased medical costs and aging society motivated both young and older people to join the election. As a result, the previous election’s voting rate raised by 20%. Indeed, celebrities’ opinions could be influential for all generations. Moreover, famous people’s comments could motivate both young and older people. Broadcasting their comments, efforts, and success could encourage us to challenge new things and overcome our shortcomings. For instance, Kei Nishikori, a famous Japanese tennis player, enhances the motivation of many young and older players. We are always get impressed by his comments on the importance of efforts and trial of new techniques to win games. In fact, he inspired my grandfather to start playing tennis and my cousin to decide to study abroad. Indeed, famous people’s opinions could affect both teenagers and older people. In conclusion, celebrities’ views are usually influential for all generations. Many ordinary people pay attention to their comments on TV and SNS. Hence, our thoughts and actions tend to be influenced by them.
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