Your local government has just recently received a large donation from an anonymous donor to improve the community. Almost everyone agrees that the money should be invested in building a new public facility. Which of the following do you think your local government should build? - Build a public library - Build a public park - Build a public pool Use specific reasons and examples to support your essay. Be sure to use your own words. Do not use memorized examples.

A swimming pool is the envy of all high-flying young adults in our generation. When asked what i would prefer the government to spend money on building, my choice would be to construct a beautiful swimming pool facility for the community. First of all, I am quite fond of outdoor activities; so are my friends. We would love to have a lovely, colorful place to hang out and have fun. Swimming is an outdoor activity that we find quite adventurous. It is a great way to exercise and stay in shape. When accompanied by friends, family and people, whom I know from my neighborhood, it would be quite an amazing way to spend our leisure time. Creating youth memories that we can cherish in life builds a foundation for a happy, satisfied adulthood. For instance, once it was so hot during summer, me and my friends had nothing to do, since the weather was too hostile for outdoor activities in the sun. If we had the waters of a swimming pool to dive into, it would have been some heavenly bliss. Secondly, it is a fact that many children currently do not know swimming at all. It is an activity which I believe is very important. Nobody knows when during an emergency, we might need to swim to save ourselves or someone else. Having a swimming facility made by government funds will encourage teenagers to learn to swim. Many are discouraged by the fact that they do not get access to any swimming pools near their residences. Once, I heard there was an incident where my cousins lived. A kid was drowning in a pond, after accidentally falling while playing with his friends. His friends could do nothing but cry for help. It was because none of them knew how to swim. The kid drowned and died before anybody could come and help. This was a very unfortunate and helpless situation which could have been avoided easily if only one of those kids could swim. Therefore, I would recommend my local government to invest in a facility for swimming that we all can earnestly enjoy and use as a community. It would be a great place for both learning as well as growing fraternity and positive relationships in the community for both old and young.
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