Many people believe that social media networking sites have had a huge negative impact on both individual and society. To what extent do you agree?

Nowadays, social media networking sites have been extending the user base from a few users a few decades ago but people nowadays cannot live without social media. However, people have always been discussing the impacts of the use of the social networks. Some people say that social media platforms can cause a lot of positive impacts on users. Howbeit, there are plenty of apparent negative impacts on social media users, so it can be assumed that social media service influences a huge negative impact on people. Firstly, cyberbullying on social media is harmful and always occurs. Cyberbullying is a type of bullying that happens on the internet, especially on social media platform. It can even more harmful than other types of bullying, because cyberbullying can always occur every time and everywhere on the online platform. Unlike other types of bullying, which are likely to occur more rarely in only some specific places, such as in schools. To be clearer, other types of bullying in school are likely to end at the end of school time, when all students get home, but cyberbullying can occur every time, even when the bullying victims are at home, they can see other students write harmful messages on their personal social media account or private messages. Secondly, there is a lot of fake news on the social platform. Because social media is a place where people can write and share data freely, but on the dark side, it can also mean that people can write and share untrue data freely too. The dissemination of untrue news can cause a lot of trouble to the users and number of people too. For example, during the Corona outbreak, there was fake news that advance through all social platforms, saying that vaccines were made of poisonous substances. After this untrue info has been transmitted through the platforms, it causes many people to refuse to get vaccines, because they fully believe the untrue data. This causes plenty of people to get sick and die because of the fake news that was spread on the internet. Thirdly, there are plenty of scammers on social networking. Because in most social networking sites, the users are allowed to create the umber of social accounts and they do not even have to put any of their real personal information in it, scammers take this advantage to use their fake social media accounts to scam people. For example, they might send some messages to someone on social media, fake their accounts into someone’s old friends, and beg for money. If a person, who is scammed, trusts this account and wire money to the scammers, the scammers will get the money from it easily. It is more easily, because they do not need to fake someone’s handwriting to write the letters as they needed to do in the past anymore. These number reasons, cyberbullying, untrue information, and scammers should cover the reason why social networking is likely to influence people in a bad way.
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