Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Governments should spend more money in support of arts than in support of athletics such as state-sponsored Olympic teams. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Recently, there has been a ton of debate among people about whether governments should invest more money in the support of arts than athletics. Some people believe that artists need more money to achieve their goals. On the other hand, others have the opposite view, and they contend that sports and athletics should get more financial support. I personally concur with the former group, and I will develop my ideas in the subsequent paragraphs. First, human beings are creatures of emotions and desires, and through art, they try to picture and convey their inner feelings; thereby, governments would be better to support art which helps artists improve society's mental health. Artists are role models for everyone. I'm of the opinion that If artists have financial stability, they could create considerable masterpieces. In this way, they could impress ordinary people and motivate them to relieve their emotions like artists. With this in mind, society has become full of people who know how to express themselves; hence, people become more healthy and mentally stable. For example, by watching a movie about drugs and addiction, addicted persons might get interested in leaving off doing drugs, which is healthy for both people and society. Secondly, artistic crafts such as watercolors, instruments for music players, pottery stuff, etc. are more expensive than sports stuff, and also, artists need a lot of money to gain experience and attend art classes; So, It is more important for governments to spend more money in this field. Drawing from my own experience as a ceramist last year, I decided to register for advanced pottery and ceramic-making class to enrich my knowledge and artistic ability. But, the prices of all courses in this field were high. I had a limited budget that did not quite stretch to afford to sign up for those classes. Therefore, I gave up learning a new skill that absolutely could help me be more successful in my field. Had the government spent more money supporting arts than athletics, I would attend more classes and become a master in the art. In conclusion, having the above-mentioned reasons and examples, I do believe that governments should provide artists with more financial aid than athletics. This is because not only do artists make society more healthy but also art equipment is more expensive than sports'.
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