Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is more important to read or watch news presented by people whose views are different from your own than it is to read or watch news presented by those whose views are similar to your own. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

Nowadays, the world is replete with a huge amount of news, and there are many channels that announce, interpret, and analyze that news and information from their own perspective. Although some people believe that it is more important to follow the news presented by media whose views are different from one's own than to read or watch news delivered by those whose views are similar to one's own, others think otherwise. I personally subscribe to the former belief on the grounds which will be explored in the following paragraphs. First, literally, every single news media is corrupted by propaganda and some oriented interpretation and analysis. In today's world, governments use their media to make their own version of every story around the world. In recent events, a 22-year-old Iranian girl was brutally murdered by the morality police of Iran. All of the government's official media, alongside their foreign paid media, tried to change the truth by giving false information, such as she was ill and so on. If Americans or Europeans want to know the truth, they should not follow such media; if they do, they surely have a wrong idea about the whole story. So, the more information resources you use, the more accurate and reliable news you get. Second, using more media to be informed about the world can act as a practice to improve our critical thinking ability, and it certainly helps us to be more open mind and more receptive. The world is full of individuals who can not tolerate voices that are not aligned with their beliefs and thoughts. In my previous example, a girl was killed because she did not wear a hijab. If people who agree with the Islamic Republic watch just a news program called "20:30", which is aligned with the government, they are not going to cast doubt on and question their beliefs; they will not think thoroughly. So, by following news from many resources, not only can people grasp much more perspectives of a story, but they can also use their minds to compare and think about those perspectives and finally come up with their own interpretation. To sum up, I think that it is necessary to follow the news from more than one media because of two reasons. First, by doing so, we have a better opportunity to know the most possible accurate and comprehensive version of any news, and second, it is a very good way to improve our critical thinking ability.
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