Some young adults wants independence from their parents as soon as possible. Other young adults prefer to live with their families for longer time. Which of these situations you think is better ?

Family plays a very important role in developing the character of any individual. Some people believe that leaving a family at a very young age makes adults more independent. I strongly support the idea that young should adult lives with their family for a longer period of time. In this article, I will give several reasons in support of my viewpoint with some suitable personal experiences. Firstly, young adults can use the experiences of their parents when some bad incident will happen in their life. Those teenagers who prefer to live with their parents always have constant guidance from their older generation. My personal experience is a great example of this, during my college admission exam days I use to live with my parents,and whenever I get depressed or whenever lost hope my father was always there for me to cheer up. Furthermore,he tells his life story, how he managed to clear these exams and how he tackled his depression at that phase. The old stories of my father give me hope and teach me how to tackle this teenage phase of my life. Due to this reason, I believe that parental guidance is a must in the teenage phase of life. Secondly, living with family for a longer duration makes you understand the emotions of old people. when we choose to live with our families we get a chance to see the world with the eyes of old people. This different point of view in seeing life gives us a wider viewpoint to see the life around us as well as makes us more mature. For instance, I still live with my family,and sometimes when I get upset about materialistic things my grandparents tell me that I should focus on things that make me happy rather than focusing on the things that are not relevant for a long occasion. It is certainly clear that living with parents for a longer time during teenage gives a very valuable lesson for the life. In conclusion, living with families for a longer time during teenage is beneficial for two reasons. First,it acts as a guide,and second,it makes you more mature and adds a deep viewpoint to see life more clearly.
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