“In twenty years there will be fewer cars in use than there are today.” Do you agree or disagree?

Undeniably cars are playing a major role in our life, and people have been using automobiles to manage their tasks, but like other technologies, they have an extirpation date. In the future, we will have a method to keep the transportation system up, but it will not be like today. To elaborate, I will explain my reasons in the following essay. To begin with, A critical problem of cars is that they can not move at the maximum speed; Although, they have this ability. In the future, we will need to do many jobs in a moment. Even though recent cars have massive speed, there is still some limitations; For instance, the road system will not allow them to have maximum acceleration. Furthermore, Even if they had not the maximum speed limitation, yet there is a problem. The problem is that at high speed, the rate of damage will increase due to enormous hampers on the roads; Accordingly, Because of the future, We will force to change the type of vehicle in order to be able to survive in the developed society. Moreover, In the future, people tend to do their tasks remotely; consonantally, They do not require to be in an office or a physical location outside of their homes. Regard to the car usage rate for the different jobs. We will be the witness of diminishing the car number in the future. To make it clear, Two years ago, I was a programmer for a company; therefore, I had to use my car to reach the office location, and due to this amount of usage, I had to spend a considerable part of my salary to fill the gas and the car service, But This year I found a company, and The person who was in charge to employee me told me they have a remote opportunity, and I have been coding remotely more than five months, and I no longer need to use my car frequently. So, I was an example to demonstrate how the working in the future will be like, and this example indicates a reason to decrease the number of cars. To sum up, I indicate two reasons to show that the number of cars in the future will decrease. Firstly, The transportation system will change because of the limitations. Secondly, The type of life will effect to decrease the number of cars. So this is why I feel this way.
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