Do you agree on this statement “Some people say that the internet provides people with a lot of valuable information. Other think access to so much information creates problems”

Nowadays, internet has become a part of people life. It has been developing a lot in a few decades. Internet might not be used by a lot of users in a few decades ago, but people nowadays cannot live without the internet, some people can even say that internet is their part of bodies. This indicates that internet has been developing to be more convenient to the users just in a few decades. However, people nowadays are still arguing against each other about the information on internet; is it worth accessing to information on internet? However, there are number of reasons to indicate that internet is obvious place to find a lot of valuable, which may not be found on books or newspaper. Firstly, it is more convenient to share helpful knowledge on internet. On internet, there are a lot of space, where people can share helpful tips or knowledge, such as personal blog or social media. When they know any helpful information, they can share this information to their blogs or social media immediately. Unlike the books or newspapers, when people want to share some tips or knowledge on them, they need to wait for proofreader and copyreader to edit the words and publish it, which can take plenty of times waiting for it. Secondly, internet can reflect the perspectives from many people. Unlike books or newspaper, which their content is all written by writers, internet has a section, which is called comment section, where people can share their perspectives and discuss about the topic freely. With this comment section, people can engage better with the topic that they are talking about. Internet users can also receive more information from other people, that maybe experts in different topics. Thirdly, it is harder to prevent someone to express their freedom of speech. In many countries, lack of freedom of speech is a big problem. Some information on books or newspapers, that is harmful to government, is likely to be banned by government. And the people who write that information sometimes need to be in jail too. But it is obvious that government may be able to ban some information on books or newspaper, but government cannot get rid all of it on internet. Or in other word, it is very hard for government to prevent people to express their freedom of speech on internet. Because many social media or blog providers nowadays have a policy to keep the user’s information secret. So, it is hard for the government to get rid of the information, that might be harmful to government but is helpful for citizens. Indeed, these number of reasons, convenient, perspective sharing, and freedom of speech, should be obvious that internet provides people a lot of valuable information.
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