Advances in technology are helping us to live healthier and longer lives. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

People use various kinds of technologies these days. Different technologies are used in all areas of our lives – some are used for entertainment purposes, other - to help run the house, and some are used to help people in their everyday activities. In my opinion, some of them can help us live healthier and longer. To begin with, technologies always were invented to make people lives easier – starting from the ancient times, people tried to use different constructions to achieve result quicker and with less human involvement. A great example of this process is using wind and water flow to produce flour or later electricity. This was done to reduce the amount of time people had to spend to achieve something as well as reduce the risk of serious injuries during the production. Nowadays, technological advancements make it possible to detect a wide range of diseases and prescribe the best treatment for them. On the other hand, some people believe that technologies have brought more problems than benefits. They try to prove their point of view by stating that these days people tend to be lazier and more reliant on technology than ever before. People say that some technologies can be harmful for people – such as computers and mobile phones, which can cause serious sight and posture problems, as well a chance of developing an addiction to them. Others are scared of different machines because of the possible harmful effect on the organism. A good example is a fear of radiology – people are not sure how the procedure will affect their organism and try to avoid it, sometimes people don’t want to use microwaves too often, also because of emissions around the machine and in the food. In conclusion I’d like to say that technological advancements have both a positive and negative influence on the people’s health, but I’m sure that it has made it possible for us to live longer and healthier lives.
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