Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is more important for governments to spend money to improve Internet access than to improve public transportation. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Recently, there has been a ton of debate about whether the government should spend money to improve internet access or public transportation. Some people believe that It is more important to enhance public transportation. On the other hand, others hold the opposite view and assert that improving Internet access is more important. I personally concur with the latter group. I feel this way for several reasons, and I will develop my ideas in the subsequent paragraphs. To begin with, In today's modern world, owing to the progress of technology, every aspect of life is becoming online; hence, fast access to the Internet is one of the vital needs for everyone. On the contrary, due to the great economic climate, even adolescents use their own cars instead of public transportation. While everyone, even older people lives depend on the Internet. For example, most students use online materials such as YouTube videos to gain knowledge. Also, after the covid-19 pandemic, people got used to buying their stuff online. Online shops and markets have become more common among people these days. The more increasing online lifestyles among people, the less they go out and use public transportation. So governments would be better off spending money on improving the Internet. Secondly, In the last years, the rate of immigration has dramatically increased, which means people are using online applications to stay in touch with their loved ones more than past; thereby, they need enhancements to Internet access more than improvements in public transportation. In the past, people used to visit each other's houses and took family gatherings every weekend; hence, they needed transport to reach different parts of the town easily. But, today, they use video calls which works with the Internet, to see their friends and relatives. For instance, drawing from my own experience, I had to move to a small village, far from my hometown, during college, which did not have access to the Internet but had excellent public transportation. It took me five hours to visit my family; however, if I had Internet access, I could easily use different applications for a video call with them. As a result of the lack of Internet, I did not see my loved ones for three months, and I was desperate. Had the government spent money on improving Internet access instead of transportation, I would not face difficulties in keeping in touch with my family. In conclusion, having the above-mentioned reasons, I do believe that It is more critical for governments to spend money to improve Internet access than transportation. This is because, today, people not only use the Internet to buy stuff or learn lessons, but they also need online applications to talk and see their family and friends.
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