Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Leadership comes naturally: one cannot learn to be a leader. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Some agree that leadership comes naturally:one cannot learn to be a leader. On the other hand, some suggests that leadership can be learned. I agree the later statement because main facors of leadership can be learned. In this essay, I will use examples and explanations to illustrate my view. First, we can learn to accept other's view which is key factor of leadership. To become a good leader, one need to be willing to listen to others. By broadening horizons through we grew up, we learn to listen to different piont of views. For example, when I was young, I was very obstinate and I thought that I was always right. However, as I grew up, I learned to see things in other aspects and gradually accept different views. To conclude, as we grew up, we learn to accept differnet opinion which help us become good leaders. Second, during our lessons in school, we can learn to cooperate with others which is also important factor of leadership. In school, we often need to collabrate with our classmates to finish a team project and through the process we learn the significance of team work. For example, last semester I had a group homework which is very difficult and it need students to spend a lot of time on searching information so it can't be done if one do it all by himself. Me and my group members all do great on our jobs. As the result we got good grade on that assignment. However, my friend's group member didn't participate in discussion and didn't help on this project so they ended up having poor grade. Consequently, by learning through classes, a person can learn to become a good leader for he or she comprehend the importance of cooperation. In the above passage, it shows that main factors of leadership can be learned. In conclusion, because leadership factors like willing to listen to others and willing to cooperate with others can be learn through our lifes, I agree that leadership can be learn.
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