Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? If you do not make sure other people (especially influential people or your employers) know about your strengths and accomplishments, you will never get successful in life.

Some people believe that scientific innovations should be broadcast across the globe, and governments should not consider them a secret. I strongly accept this view and I believe that scientific discoveries belong to all human beings. On the one hand, Scientific discoveries like Electricity, the telephone, the internet,and so on, should not be restricted to a special nation. Every person from every country, despite being the host of the innovation or not, should benefit from the advantages. We should consider that discoveries are not the government's possessions. Knowledge is a global concept and all scientificians try to improve human lives from all over the world. For example, When Graham bell innovated the Telephone, he hoped his discovery be used by people from all parts of the globe and make their communications easier and more enjoyable. In fact, I believe that we should consider the results of innovations not the source of them. On the other hand, governments can increase the total knowledge about a special subject by broadcasting different ideas and discoveries to the scientific community. It is a good opportunity for scientific researchers to be aware of the latest discoveries and work on different ideas and even develop them if necessary. otherwise, if governments keep these special discoveries a secret, there will be no chance for improvement of these ideas. As a result, Human scientific improvements will face a drastic fall. In conclusion, I fully support the view that scientific discoveries belong to all human beings and governments should broadcast these discoveries because of the scientific developments.
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