Your local government has just recently received a large donation from an anonymous donor to improve the community. Almost everyone agrees that the money should be invested in building a new facility. Which of the following do you think your local government should build? Build a public library Build a public park Build a public pool

Societies grow when their members are provided with the resources that healthy and active. Without facilities, every individual is less likely to contribute to the community. That is why governments should always work hard to ensure that locals’ demands are a top priority. That being said, I believe when a government receives a large donation, it should build a public park. The reason why I feel this way is described in the following paragraphs. First and foremost, as the name suggests, public parks will be available to every citizen. That means people who are keen on participating in physical activity like walk or running can do so without paying any fee. Unlike gyms, where you first have to acquire a membership and use the gym for fixed hours, a public park has no limitations. People can enter or leave and exercise at any given time of the day. For example, my aunt who is 50 years old informed me the other day how a newly developed park in her area, helped her get into shape. She mentioned that every evening, after doing her chores, she would go for a 30-minute walk daily. It has been a month since she started this routine which she explains is far more convenient than joining a gym. So, you can see how building a public park will benefit especially the older adults. Furthermore, a public park also serves as enjoying a recreational activity. There aren’t many places for families to enjoy which makes it difficult for them to relax outdoors on the weekend. With public parks, families can plan a picnic and enjoy a fun-filled day. My uncle who lives abroad describes his own experience of planning a day out in the park. He told me that there is nothing more enjoyable than surrounding yourself with different sounds of nature. He explained that on every Sunday of the week, he spends his time in the public park with a book and a few snacks. It is mentally relaxing for him. My uncle’s experience in the public park describes how disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of daily life can be relaxing. In conclusion, I believe that building a public park is far more beneficial than building anything else. That is so because it is convenient for those who can’t afford to go to the gym or don’t have the time to go to one. Additionally, public parks can also serve as a place for families and individuals to enjoy the outdoors.
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