Nowadays, more and more people decide to have children later in their life. What are the reasons? Do the advantages of this overweight disadvantages?

It is a controversial fact that these days, an increasing number of people tend to start a family at older ages, due to some reasons such as financial issues and parenthood responsibilities. I believe that this is faced with benefits and drawbacks which affect an individual’s personal life, and the whole of society. To begin with, it is a modern life phenomenon that married people choose to have children after some years of their wedding. The first benefit that should be considered is the extent to which couples feel that they prepare the ground for their future offspring to have a better life. Accordingly, they need to make sure that they can support them financially in order to have good health care, education, and insurance. Moreover, despite the past, parents not only desire to be socially educated by gaining knowledge of the social manners to raise a child in the right way but also they tend to make themselves psychologically ready for the purpose of dealing with the upbringing of a newborn. Thus, people are faced with some issues as with their past experiences required to be rectified. Although it is assumed to postpone raising a family brings about some positive aspects somewhat mentioned previously, some people argue about the negative parts of this decision. Firstly, longevity plays a significant role in putting off having a baby because the older the couple gets, the less fertile they are. Hence, it is undeniable that they encounter some problems whether financially or mentally. Secondly, this may result in an aging population as well which leads to dwindling the workforce for improving the economy and decreasing the life expectancy by being fewer youngsters in society. Finally, the generation gap may happen to cause misunderstanding between parents and children which means, as a consequence, neither would parents relate to the young ones nor would the children can communicate with the elders. To summarize, as to whether some families at the proper age would recently like to bring up a child, or not depends on a wide range of factors that vary from one person to another. From my point of view, it is such a decision which should be put down totally to couples
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