Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? a person should never take an important decision alone.

Some people argue that an individual should not make any important finding in her life alone because that determination is not taken by considering all of the factors; as a result, she might regrate later in her life. However, I disagree with the prompt stating that no one should make an important accord alone for the following two reasons. First of all, individuals should take their own career outcome alone because doing this will be fruitful for them. For example, 4 years ago, my parent suggest me apply for computer engineering, and my uncle advised me to apply for chemical engineering; however, I applied to electrical engineering by considering the factors, in which I am interested . As a result, I was able to achieve good grades and understating every concept which are helpful for me whenever I will apply for a job. If I didn't consider my own interest while I was applying for my major, then I would not be able to see a prosperous future for myself. Making choices on my own would be really important for me to know myself better as well. Second of all, when person take their own decision, it is less confusing. To illustrate, whenever my friend goes shopping, she asks everyone's opinion that which one looks better on her. Eventually, she gets confused and buys nothing. At the same time, my brother does not ask for anyone's opinions, nor does he ask which one should he buy. He ends up buying so many goods of his own choice. Whenever person asks for another character opinions about anything they always answer others on basis of their own perspectives not seeing the actual person's perspective. as a result, that opinion will be a disaster in person's life. In conclusion, despite different people considering all the aspects of somebody's choice I believe that individuals should take their own decisions by themselves in order to avoid confusion and have a successful future.
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