Which one of the following values is the most important to share with a young child(5-10 years old)? 1.being helpful 2.Being honest 3.Being well organized Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Nowadays, being trustworthy from younger ages plays a vital role in a good quality society. Some people believe that being helpful or well organized child is preferable when the child is younger. I, personally, on the other hand, think that being honest is the most crucial feature we can learn children. I feel this way because of two significant reasons, which I will elaborate on in the following paragraphs. First of all, by learning to be honest when children are five to ten years old, helps them a lot in the future. Being trustworthy aids others to help them when the child is in need. For instance, my friend has taught his child to tell the truth, no matter what happens. As a result, he always speaks the truth and advocates it anywhere, any time. So, people can help him in emergency stages of his life as well as personal or occupational goals he pursues to achieve. Had he not been honest with others, he would not have been able to be so successful in life as he is now. This example shows how it is critical to be honest from young ages. Last but not least, far from child himself or herself, being honest helps society as well. By having this characteristic when children are young, we can have a better community and positive environment to live as a whole. In this line of thought, people can trust each other and can do business together more easily decreasing the possibility of being cheated. My personal example is a good illustration of this concept. My father and mother taught me to speak the truth even though it may seem bad at first. I followed their advice, and I received a lot of positive feedback both from my families and friends and society. It also made others around me treat well resulting in a great community in the end. Therefore, this indicates how big role it can play when we educate children to be honest individuals. Conversely, if children lie all the time, what country will we have in the upcoming years? In this vein, we surely will experience a country teemed with chaos and betray negatively affecting the humanity. To put it all in a nutshell, taking the aforementioned reasons and examples into consideration, I strongly am of opinion that the most important feature a young child possesses is the ability to be honest. Not only will it help him or her out it in years to come, but it also will contribute to make a healthy world.
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