Question :Do you agree or disagree with the following statements? Because people are busy doing so many different things, they do very few things well. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Nowadays, there is a tendency to be perfect in everything. In fact, people exaggerate their achievements, so they reach some social status. As a result, people try different ways and approaches until one of them brings success. In my view, people achieve shallow knowledge if they want to try everything. there might be lots of social problems bringing about this tendency and as a matter of fact, this attitude to try every possible path has its own demerits which may be overlooked. Firstly, by doing a lot of different tasks simultaneously, people lose their concentration which causes work to be done in an inefficient way. The pressure to be perfect, can loosen people's focus and as a result, people can not do all of their tasks in good conduct. For instance, society wants women to be perfect workers, perfect wives, and perfect mothers. Doing all of these responsibilities in a perfect manner is impossible which brings anxiety and depression for modern women of societies. Moreover, everyone in the world has 24 hours on a daily basis which means the time capacity is limited. No one can do lots of work through this limited time. In this regard, a renowned Persian proverb states," no one can keep two watermelons in just one hand." this limited time means that either you can become a master in just one particular job or you can learn lots of different stuff in basic conduct. Another famous proverb states that," some people are just an ocean with a depth of one centimeter." , which means that if people do lots of things at the same time, their knowledge of each field will be shallow. To sum it up, people can not become masters in so different areas since our time and our mental capacity for concentration are limited. There is some known fact that if you want to reach mastery in some specific field of expertise, you must spend 10000 hours, five hours a day for five years. This fact emphasizes that by doing lots of things simultaneously, we probably will not achieve significant results.
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