Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Taking a lot of time to make an important decision is often viewed as a bad quality for a person to have,but,in fact,it is a good quality for a person to have. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Life is a tortuous route in which there are lots of dilemmas forcing us to decide which way is better and more suitable for us to take. In the process of decision-making, some people put a lot of time into coming up with their final decision, which is considered a bad characteristic by some individuals; however, others think otherwise. I subscribe to the latter one on the grounds which will be explained in the upcoming paragraphs. First and foremost, most of the time, an important decision contains lots of aspects needing a comprehensive analysis. It can be seen as a sequence in which every single action is going to affect the next step. Additionally, in most cases, important decisions are irreversible, meaning one can not come back to his or her original place. In these situations, it is crucial to consider all facets of a decision and try not to rush into anything. Moreover, to ensure that the decision is the most thoughtful and rational one, one needs time to ask for others' advice and see the problem from their perspective. It takes a lot of time to arrange meetings with wise and sagacious people who can help others in such situations. The more complex the decision is, the more time it needs to be made. Second, not only does one need to make a decision, but also he or she should have a plan for the implementation of that decision. It is a fact that most of the decisions are not going to culminate in their original purpose, mostly because they are not pursued based on a well-established roadmap. Decision-making is not just about making; it is also about persistence and being objective-oriented. I consider the decision-making process a journey from point A to point B. To be successful in that journey, I should be aware of the probable pitfalls and prepare myself to encounter possible challenges. To sum up, I do believe that putting lots of time into making a decision is indeed a good feature mainly because of two reasons. First, important decisions need that time to be fully assessed and to be consulted with wise persons, and second, a good decision is not just about making; it is also about implementing.
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