Our current way of life will have a negative impact on future generation

There is no denying that our behaviors have a huge impact on those around us especially, the young population. We, adults, are the source of learning for them. So, it is our responsibility that our actions and opinions have a positive impact but things are not what they seem. I agree with the statement that our current way of life will have a negative influence on the future generation. The reason why I feel this way is described in the following paragraphs. First and foremost, we have chosen a sedentary lifestyle which is creating health issues. The need to stay healthy and active is gradually declining as more people today, prefer to spend their time in front of a television. This excessive time is facilitated by binge eating which further aggravates health problems. My own brother is a great example of this. Seeing my dad spending his time listening to the news on television instead of going for a walk has also influenced my brother of 8 years excessively to use the tablet. As a result, he has lost interest in exploring other productive activities. Along with that, using the tablet in a reclined position for endless hours has caused pain in his lower back. The low back pain has interfered with his sleep and education. Second, today, as technology continues to make advancements, it has made us more independent Besides that, it has made us more disrespectful, especially towards our elders. Nowadays, we prefer the company of online friends and computers to our parents or grandparents. As a result, this behavior has conveyed to our future generation the message that our elders are not that important. For example, my 28-year-old cousin loves playing video games. When he is not studying, he is found playing Fortnite with his online friends. One day, while visiting him I noticed that his grandmother called him to help her find her walking stick. Instead of paying heed to her issue, he kept on playing the video game. His nephew of 3 years observed the whole incident. His nephew picked up clues from that and ignored the calls of his mother. In conclusion, I believe that our behaviors play a huge role in negatively impacting the upcoming generation. That is so because we no longer pay attention to our health neither we have respect for elders thanks to technology. These factors are only liable to create problems in the future.
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