Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is difficult for teachers to be both popular (well liked)and effective in helping students learn. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

A Persian adage says that "teaching is the profession of prophets", which highlights the importance of what teachers do for any society. They always do their best to enhance the mind and skills of the future generations of the world. Although some believe that it is hard for teachers to be both popular and effective in students' learning process, others think otherwise. In my opinion, teachers indeed cannot be both of the aforementioned characteristics since those characteristics are kind of contradictory. To begin with , regarding teachers' course practices, such as assignments' difficulty, frequency and hardship of exams, and grading system, it is axiomatic that students do not like strict and punctilious teachers. Even though lots of hard assignments and exams, alongside a meticulous grading system, will help students to master their studies, they usually prefer to go through easier paths and have more fun. Thus, lenient teachers are more popular because their demeanors are aligned with students' preferences . I personally had a similar experience with my fourth-grade teacher. He was a very strict person who gave us lots of mathematics problems. At the time, I hated him because of all those assignments; however, a year later, when I was in fifth grade, in contrast with most of my classmates, I had a great understanding of new concepts exactly because of all of those practices. Besides study-related stuff, teachers will be judged based on their in-class rules, too. Strict teachers who emphasize matters, such as being on time, being quiet in class, paying attention to class and due dates, and so on, are less popular than those who are easygoing. Lenient teachers usually allow students to arrive whenever they want, and there is no deadline in their class to submit assignments and projects, and moreover, students do not need to behave according to specific rules. Students feel free in all different ways, and of course, they like their teacher. Nevertheless, if teachers do not teach students the essence of living in a society with lots of written and unwritten rules, who is going to teach them those cardinal concepts? After all these years, I understood that it was necessary to comply with those rules to learn how to behave in society and be responsible for my acts. My strict teachers not only helped me to gain deeper knowledge about lots of materials but also prepared me to be a good part of the community. The more time passes, the more I appreciate them . To sum up, I think that the practices that lead to effective learning, both study-related and behavior related, are against most students' preferences at those ages, resulting in their little interest in teachers who are indeed effective teachers .
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