Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Because the world today is just so busy and crowded, we should not expect people to be polite to one another.

There are many apps such as Facebook, what’s an app, and Twitter, in a lot of sites that you can download and use them, in some different ways, the main figure is that men and women want to have them is a connection with another person that is the benefit of using, but use more and make a friend from these apps is harmful according to other people. This essay will disuses both points of view Firstly, new technology was made with META which is the company that makes and supports social media, What’s App is one of the media that a lot of people around the world use it. During the coronavirus that spread worldwide, each person has to install it. All the countries had a law to prevent to share of more coronavirus and all the flights to destinations were closed, and nobody can see and talk face to face with relatives that live in another state. Because of that media is very important to have a connection, for instance, the New YORK times published the news about a relationship, and people who do not have good shape can find friends on social media. However, using them more and more can bad impact on younger people who use, on the other hand, finding a friend on Facebook for young boys or girls is not suitable, in fact finding a friend in them Is not continual, this case is very important, as this some people believe social media are not fine, while, there is no internet in all country to use In conclusion, using apps has more benefits but the major disadvantage to applying them is you should need a network
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