People recognize a difference between children and adults. What events (experiences or ceremonies) make a person an adult? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.

Childhood is the most important in life. At this age does not exist problems and the unique thing worries is doing homework. When someone becomes an adult, life changes. Because the responsibility is more and the time for solving problems begins. Somebody is an adult, when he/she begins paying taxes. Then all activities become hard and sometimes are not joying, also everyone has to work for staying alive. Firstly, growing up is natural and normal, Although, not all people love to be old. However, the new era of being old than a kid becomes, and now everybody has to pay taxes. Taxes are hard to understand, due to the government never says anything about them, and if somebody does not pay, he/she will go to jail. For example, my dad never knows what happened with some part of his salary, nowadays he figures out all about the government. Secondly, Working to stay alive is not the best thing in the world. Due to people's growing up, the time for working starts, and it is necessary to pay the rent, the water supply, the electrical supply,and more loans. However, possibility of saving money for buying something is possible, because someone is more "rich". In my case, I have to pay for any products, but I can still live with my salary. In conclusion, The process of leaving to be a kid is arduous and sometimes not great. However, it is natural, nobody can escape from being ancient, and the activities increase every day. Nonetheless, It is possible to buy things like games or clothes.
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