Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Young people enjoy life more than older people do. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. Be sure to use your own words.

Happiness is related to age as this difference can be seen between young and old people. In my opinion, I believe that young people enjoy life more than older ones. This is not just a bias; however, it is depending on two reasons that I have noticed in my life. First, as person's life passes, he faces more obstacles and problems that can affect his mental or physical health in some way. As these bad events build up, they can result in lack of happiness in person's life. For that, it is inferred that most the young people faced fewer problems than older ones. Therefore, people of small age have more positive energy to complete their life. For instance, I and one of my friends conducted a survey on a random set of people of different ages, lifestyles, and financial conditions. After analyzing the results, we concluded that the old-aged people faced depression as twice as the young-aged people, and nearly all these depressions have resulted from the increasing number of bad experiences in life. Second, the young, generally, are not responsible for more things as the old are; therefore, they will be giving attention to just what they enjoy and love. I concluded this point by talking with my family and asking them questions about what is important to them. First, my little sister, of 9 years, said that everything she wants to do is playing, eating, and sleeping. Second, My older brother said that he has to get high grades in university, develop himself, and hang out with his friends each week. Finally, My father said that he should work all the week, buy food for home in the weekends, and grow up us (his children) well. In conclusion, I noticed that as you get older and older, your enjoyment of life will decrease gradually, because you will face more problems and must take responsibility for many aspects of your life.
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