Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Colleges or Universities should offer more courses to prepare students for the future before they start working.

No one can deny that education has a huge effect on many aspects of our life thus we choose our careers to depend on it. As a consequence of that Making coursework in schools for preparation and helping students get ready for their line of business after college is considered to faster improvement of their employment considerably. It is my firm belief this is an effective way to solve the problem of idleness, in addition to giving students a background for some reasons, and I will explain these ideas in the subsequent paragraphs. First of all, practical classes on factually make students more understanding o how to apply what they are studying as most of the schools have theoretical education To adjust themselves to the new work environment completely different from what he takes in the university. My background is a great example of this, in my whole life I'm studying hard to get a good job in the future, but after graduation, I was shocked that the work is totally different from what I had studied, likewise, most of the companies ask for experience to accept me, therefore I took a lot of courses a participated in extracurricular activities to get skills. Secondly, elaboration students help them to find a job easily, bedside decreases the rate of inertia in the country significantly. I have to admit that my opinion on this matter has been profoundly influenced by my own experience. remarkable the low unemployment rate in foreign countries, where they train students to deal in the labor market made accepting a job anywhere easy, moreover, led to the country’s economic progress for, for instance, in my work the leader is 5 years younger than me although he was very clever. For this reason it was essential . in conclusion, I strongly believe that it's necessary to add classes for getting ready to enter the Work environment ent give them priceless skills that make them more cleverو wise, and improve the economy of the state.
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