Question :Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Movies and television have more negative effects than positive effects on the way young people behave. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Due to the occurrence of modern social media, we are entering a new era of information exploration. We absorb a variety of information on a daily basis, from the latest political campaign to cutting-edge medical discoveries and we are witnessing the world developing at a rapid rate. Nevertheless, this leads people to the discussion of the impact of daily social media. One side assumes that movies and television bring about a more positive and proactive influence on the way people behave. However, I am a firm believer that harmful effects outweigh beneficial ones. The reasons and examples are as follows. In the first place, the crime rate all over the world is now escalating, which may result from the violent fighting scenes and storylines in some films as well as TV programs. In order to boost audience ratings, many producers are likely to add a number of violent and scary elements into their programs. Siblings may turn back on each other just for the purpose of family legacy; Spouses would think of murders because they are afraid that their affair may be found by their beloved ones; a protagonist, in order to save hostages, may kill so many good-bad men with destructive weapons. All these plots and stories would definitely mislead the youth to imitate the characters' words and behaviors. No wonder juvenile delinquency is showing up unexpectedly. This is one piece of solid evidence about the negative effects of movies and television. In the second place, morality is torn apart due to much dark information existing on social media. In the past, people could hardly imagine that their close friends or best mate would deceive them. Especially, in those ancient civilizations, loyalty is a quality valued quite much by the whole community and people who made use of traps to set up their friends would be despised by others. However, the circumstance has changed drastically. For the sake of one’s own interest, they could take any action whatever the cost, even including hurting the ones who love them most. With more and more appearances of such incidents, a not-to-trust-anyone atmosphere is prevailing and dominating. This may also be brought about by many TV serials that we watch each day, such as Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girls and so forth. Admittedly, social media do have their bright sides. For instance, Sesame Street, one educational TV program in the U.S., was once very popular among children. Young people can learn various scientific knowledge and discoveries in it. What’s more, the characters are very entertaining and humorous, which makes children love them even more. However, from my own perspective, given the current situation, the dark sides of social media definitely outrun the bright ones and it is urgent for us to think of solutions to compensate. In a nutshell, I suppose movies and television have more detrimental influence than positive ones on how young people behave.
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