Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? One of the best ways that parents can help their teenage children prepare for adult life is to encourage them to take a part-time job. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Nowadays, we see teenagers who go outside during the holidays to do things they like. Some parents let teens to do whatever they like. On the other hand, parents encourage them to use this golden time to find new skills and interest they are more towards, like taking part time job during the holidays. Working in a part time job can be applicable in their future adult life and great chance to gain relevant experience. In my opinion, I agree with the following statement above. I feel this way for two major reasons, which I will explore in the following paragraphs. First of all, working in a part time job can be beneficial for teenagers to find their hobbies. You could find your interests and passions about what type of job you want to do in the future. My personal example is a great example of this. I remember my parents told me to work in a part time job at a software compary. When I enrolled in this part time job, other employees taught me the basic fundamental of computer programming, and how you could code the computer applications. Through this example, as a results. I was able to find my interest more towards the computer progamming side. For this reason, I felt like it was fascinating and interested me a lot. Not only I felt it was interesting, but I learned a lot about computer science and how it works. Secondly, encouraging teenagers to work in a part time job could help you obtain various sides of experience and relevant skills. Gaining relevant part time job experience and knowledge could be applicable in the application letter where you could show the university of your capable skills .Through working in part time job, you could acquire abundnat number of skills like enhancing your creativity skills, teamwork skills and contributing help to other people. Drawing from my own experience, I used to do volunteering activity program during the summer. I remember I visited a old-people orphanage once, brought them valuable goods (clothes, sports equipment, etc) and helped old people. After I visited the orphanage, I felt like it was a great experience in this part time job. It helped me enhance strong communication skills with peers. It encouraged me to be part of the social community group and help people in need. Thisthis experience it encouraged me to participate in further volunteering activities and provide people support and help when in need. Furthermore, through working this volunteering program, I could write this experience in my college application and show the university that I am familiar with different skills. In conclusion, I think that parents encouraging their child to work a part time job could be an advantage. This is because, teenagers could find their hobbies and what specific aspects they are interested in. This could be a great chance for them to identify their potential and skills, which could be used in their future job. Also teenagers who are working in part time activity, can be familiar with various experiences and it could be beneficial when they show the university what they are capable of.
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