You have enough money to purchase either a house or a business. Which would you choose to buy? Give specific reasons to explain your choice.

Some people will choose to purchase a house if they have enough money for they want to have their own place. However, others may choose to buy a business because they think they can make more money from this business. In this essay, I will illustrate my view that buying a house is a better option for me. First, purchasing a house is safer than buying a business. In Taiwan, every year more than 30000 people are misled by phonies. Phonies lie to credulous people by saying there is a special business program that can earn a lot of money. Many people trusted phonies and gave them their money then their money was never returned to them again. People can be easily cheated while buying a business, but when buying a house, it is not so easy. Buying a house need to sign many contracts and it is too difficult for phonies to fabricate those contracts. Therefore, buying a house is a lot safer then buying a business. Second, buying a house will be more reliable than buying a business. According to the economic trend, business program price may seriously fluctuate. Maybe last month the price of a business is 300nt dollars and today the price is 10nt dollars because of a financial crisis. It is too hard to predict economic trends and even business managers can't promise the future of a business program so buying a business is dangerous. In contrast, the price of house won't fluctuate that seriously. For example, the house price in Taiwan in 2000 is 10000 per meter square and in 2010 is 10100 per meter square. To conclude, buying a house may be a more stable option. Third, buying a house can make us happy but buying a business may make us nervous. Having a house brings us joy for we know there is a place where we can relax. Imagine a worker being blamed by his boss for a thing that was totally not his fault and when he got back to his house he could lay on his bed and watch Netflix unwind. However, if he spends his money on buying a business, after exhausting work he needs to pay attention to observing an economic trend and think about whether he has to sell this business program. For the above three reasons,I suggest that buying a house will be better.
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