“It is better to be a follower than a leader.” Provide reason and examples to support your stance.

In a big company, it is quite common to have managers and subordinates working together in a same team. Managers make decisions, and the subordinates execute orders. Personally, I disagree that being a follower is better than being a leader. I feel this way because of two reasons and I will explore these in my essay. First of all, mostly, being a leader can get more rewards than followers. This is because, leaders often need to take more responsibilities than others, thus they should also be reward more. For example, when I was in college, we were been told to provide a team presentation for the class. The professor told us that team leaders will get more points after the presentation is over. At first, all of my teammates were trying to compete for the leadership. However, the professor also said that team leaders will be the one who perform the speech in front of the class, and they might even get lower grades if the team did not perform well. After hearing this, most of my teammates changed their mind, but I did not. I became the team leader of my team, and we performed pretty well during the presentation. After the class, my teammates got an A for this assignment, and I got an A+ at last. Therefore, becoming a team leader can acquire more prize than others. In addition, the leader will have more power to make decisions in the team. In other words, the leader has ability to decide the direction of whole team. For instance, when I was in mid-school, our class were assigned to draw a poster for school's anniversary celebration. At that time, an anime called ”Naruto” was quite popular between children. One of our classmates proposed that we could add some Naruto characters into our poster. Most of us thought it is a pretty good idea to add something we like into our class work. However, our homeroom teacher rejected our proposal, because she thought it is too childish to be shown in a formal circumstance. Although we tried so hard to persuade our teacher, she still did not agree with this idea. Instead, we followed her instructions and finished the poster by drawing the landscape of our campus. Hence, the leader has rights to decide which idea should be accepted. In conclusion, I strongly feel that being a leader is better than being a follower. This is because the leader can gain more reward, and has more power to control the team.
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