Do you agree or disagree with the following statement. Technology has made the world a better place to live

Technology has made our world a better place to live. Lots of people agree that present world has been improved by our technologies. I agree with those people and think that we out to be thankful for technologies. Modern civilization has free education in a school and some university. Also, society has got an access to most of the treatments in a medicine. It should be noted that our cities has been improved for previous years too. To begin with the first statement that during forty – fifty years, the majority of people has graduated from free school. It means that the level of illiteracy is decreasing. The reason is that technology made some opportunities to study in a comfortable classes with a desks, a tables, a chairs. Also, some people can study at home through internet. Latest science opens in medicine show people lots of cheap medicine. For example, antibiotics, which has increased our length of live. Also, lots of people can go to the nearest hospital to get help from a doctor. Lately I have seen a researchment proved that the most developed counties, like Norway, Japan, The USA, and the UK have the longest duration of life. New technologies give people opportunity to build new houses, parks, roads, molls, and hospitals fastly than it was before. New houses help people move out from suburbs, villages to city. I think it is better, because people, for example, can get an extremely help from fire-fighters, doctors, police. Also, our improving cities is safely than it was years ago. Our world has been changing now. Of course, technology has a positive effect on our world, but we should remember about problems of our modern tochnologies made, like, pollution, energy systems, poverty. Present society ought to improve our technologies to care about nature, poor people, homeless.
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