Do you agree or disagree? Although technology had made communication easier, there are still as many misunderstandings among people as there were in the past.

It is a widely accepted fact that technology has made communication easier. With the help of technology we can communicate with anyone anywhere in the world in fraction of a second. However, people are divided over whether this has reduced the misunderstandings among people as compared to the past. Personally, in my opinion, even though communication is made easier, misunderstandings among people have decreased only to a certain extent. This is because one of the main reason for misunderstanding among people is because of their ego. In olden days, it was very difficult for people to communicate with each other. They with have to call the person' s home telephone or send a letter or have to go directly to their home in order to talk to each other. Even then the chances are rare that they can find the person they want to talk to. However, today, technology have developed so much that people can communicate with each other whenever they want to as most of them have a mobile phone with them. Also, there are a number of apps like Skype, Hangout, Whatsapp, Facebook and Snapchat which help people to have a video conversation. These apps have helped people to talk with each other anytime and clear their misunderstandings to a great extent. However, in many situations, a person to call another when they have a serious contention will be against their ego. Their self-consciousness might not allow them to call the other person and clear their misunderstandings even when they know they are wrong. For instance, once my friend had a serious disagreement with her husband over a very serious matter and in which she was later proved to me wrong. Despite having a mobile phone which she can use to call her husband and clear the misunderstanding immediately, her ego didn' t allow her to call him and reach a consensus. And finally both of their family members had to get involved to clear the misunderstanding. In conclusion, technology has greatly helped in communicating with each other and to clear the misunderstandings. But it is the attitude of the people which have to change to make it more effective.
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