Students who are given grades work harder than those who are not. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Students that are given grades for their work, work harder but they are under pressure all the time and can mess up everything, end up with consequences. This will not be great for their future. First let’s take Finland. Since the 9 th grade, students are not given grade since that country want to learn them that is for their life. There are no grades, so there is no stressing and stuff like that. Finland also, when the student reaches the middle school, he is selected for the subjects that he has been performing better. There of course is no pressure from the professors, so students will learn without the pressure and learn that subject how they want, and if they don’t like that subject, in the future they can avoid those classes. In middle schools they also are graded by their work that they made all the time and the homework and stuff like that. There is no stressing so of course students will have time for their family, friends, and manage their own time for studying and their hobbies. Of course that they will learn how to control their time and spend it in the best way I have concluded that studying without grades is better for the students, for their mental health, and of course for their future. They will learn the subject on their own way and not how the professors want.
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