You are planning to study abroad. What do you think you will like and dislike about this experience? Why? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

Traveling abroad for education is probably every Indian student's dream. The study courses and job opportunities are quite diverse there. I am very excited to go to the USA for my Master's Program. Along with my studies, I'll get a chance to explore a completely different culture there and meet a lot of new people. I am excited to visit the grand monuments that are located there like the Statue of Liberty etc. But I think I might have some trouble adjusting to their food habits and might not like the cuisines there as I do not eat non-vegetarian dishes, which are much more popular there as compared to the veg ones. Personally, I think, I would love to embrace a new culture abroad. Since childhood, I have been a great fan of music and dance. The USA is famous for having a rich variety of musical and dance forms, so I am looking forward to learning those. I might join some clubs for these which will introduce me to a lot of new folks out there, so looking out for social interactions. I would like to travel and check out all the huge monuments there. I have been seeing them in movies and web series while I grew up, so I think I will be on cloud nine when I actually visit those places in the SA. I maintain a photo book of all places I travel to, so can't wait for the pictures to make a way into that. One thing that I believe I might dislike is the foodstuff and cuisine there. I have always been habitual with home-cooked food, so likely will not like the hostel meal. I have heard from a lot of my friends who stay in the US , that most of the best dishes are non-vegetarian. But given I am a pure vegetarian, I would.t be interested in those. The above things are the ones that I would like or dislike when I visit the USA for my studies.
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