Some people believe that the government should support people who work for arts, such as painting, theatre or music financially. Some people believe that they should find other financial support resources instead. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

People have mixed views as to whether artists should be helped with financial issues by the government or by alternative sources. It is a heated debate that depends on several aspects; however, I believe that the arguments for supporting the artists are stronger. First of all, it is claimed that government should pay more attention to the basic needs of the population rather than the arts. Some people admit that there are some other areas that required more consideration such as health care and education. In addition, as creative,as artists are, they can make more money by selling or presenting their works of art to the public, such as painters and musicians. Thus, they do not need to be assisted with government revenue. On the contrary, those who hold another view admit that art is a type of spiritual requirement of humans which needed financial support. Firstly, art psychologically takes priority over material and physical needs. To shed light on this issue, in order to generate perfect work, artists usually put an amount of time and energy into their work. As if they are not worried about their life financial issues, artists can create an influential piece of art to affect people’s minds in a mental positive way. For instance, Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings are such masterpieces due to a viable reason that he was well-heeled, and not concerned about money in his pocket. Secondly, they are artists who can define the cultural impacts to make the landmarks more attractive to visitors and tourists, such as artworks of painters, architects, and sculptors. Therefore, the government is responsible for promoting national cultural development. Furthermore, as a matter of fact, this is the art that represents the culture and history of a country to be seen and learned by the other. This way, from my point of view, artists should be supported financially to make up better works of art and pass them on to the next generations. In a nutshell, the view that artists should be funded by the government or should provide for themselves is disputable. I place more weight on backing up the artists with the fiscal resources of the country.
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