all university students should be required to take history courses no matter what their field of study is

Today's universities required to take different courses of history for all kind of students to learn .This desiscion has many positive and negative results . On one hand ,know about the history of the country you live in ,is really important because it helps you to be familiar with culture .Actually listening to the story of humans who were living in the past with out today's technology ,will be interesting and makes students to think and compare about how much facilities they are using daily for living .History contains all the humans who lived in the past with their beliefs and traditional rules . On the other hand ,spending student's time for listening to the past is not correct .In addition it makes their mind busy about some stories or facts that they are not nessecory to know about and also it will not help them for impeoving or think widely about their future plans .History is a full field subject at universities and teachers can not teach student everything ,just in some courses .So it can be a reason that students lost between their lessons and maybe they will get a wrong opinion from that part of history . Overal ,from my mind ,spending student's time for leaening history that this type of informations will not be useful for their future ,is wasting time .In addition ,some students should pay money for each courses they have to pass ,and studing in this field won't help them to improve in learning new skills .
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