Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? All university students should be required to take general science courses even if it is not part of their study field.

Some argue that students don’t need to take general science courses if they are not engineering students. I hold a different opinion. Training in general science knowledge is necessary for all students. The reasons for my argument will be explored in the following essay. First, training in science will improve students’ performance in logical thinking. Logical thinking is one of the essential abilities in the contemporary world. People are surrounded by fake news and rumors on the internet. Rational thought can assist humans in identifying the correct information. For example, there was a media story about how a famous singer kept speaking the wrong city names during her performance. Some people may believe it’s true to say inappropriate things about this singer. However, a person with logical thinking will carefully observe the video and figure out the truth. The audience was so excited during the performance, which would not be possible if the singer had said the wrong city name. With better logical thinking, it would be harder for rumors to survive on the internet. Secondly, basic science knowledge is essential for daily life. Today, we have lots of new things which are surrounding us. Some of them might be dangerous. For example, almost all families have a microwave oven. However, inappropriate usage of microwave ovens may cause severe damage to users. The microwave will damage the inner structure of coke. The compressed carbon dioxide inside coke will become unstable. The release of those gas may cause explosions. General science training will teach students why it happens. Moreover, that science course will help students avoid bad decisions and live happier lives. Last, general courses, including science and art, will build a bridge among students from different majors. All students in the college will enter society and cooperate with other students. They must understand that field to collaborate with people from various fields usareas. For example, when a designer wants to design an exhibit for a science show. He needs to have some basic understanding of the subject. Without general science training, he can not get a good deal before the deadline. In conclusion, basic science training is essential to a person. Science knowledge will provide students with logical thinking abilities. It will help students in their future lives. It will also help the student to connect with people from other fields. We need to add general science training courses to all college students.
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