Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? “People should keep trying to reach their goals, even if they seem impossible to achieve.” Use specific reasons and examples to explain your position.

Every individual envisions a life they want to live someday. However, in some cases, what prevents people from living that life is the fear of failure. That fear holds them back from achieving their goals. I personally believe that people should keep trying to reach their goals, even if they seem impossible to achieve. The reason why I feel this way is described in the following paragraphs. To begin with, every journey to success teaches us valuable lessons and skills that benefit us at different stages of life. A few of these skills include patience, sheer determination, and most importantly self-belief. These are the factors that push people regardless of the obstacles to reach their goals. One of my friends experience is a great example of this. Last year, she approached various supervisors to pursue a fully funded PhD in the field of public health. Insufficient funds, and lack of higher education did not hold her back from pursuing her dream. After a month of waiting, a supervisor from a renowned university contacted her. From there on began the process of admission. The entire admission process took about a year with interviews, and tests and in the month of March this year, she was selected as a research assistant. Her journey was nothing short of constant doubt and a lack of self-belief. However, irrespective of the awaiting obstacles, patience and perseverance helped her overcome hardships and move forward. Secondly, at some point in their journey, people who remain committed to achieving their goals do come across some form of help. My cousin is a great example of this, who a few years ago, applied to Canada for immigration. He had always dreamt of moving to Canada, pursuing higher education, and building a prosperous future. However, upon applying for the first time, he was not accepted. The rejection did not dampen his motivation to try once again. He tried again and in the second time, his immigration application was accepted. This all happened because, during the second try, my sister who has been residing in Canada for the past five years, helped him every step of the way. She informed him about the latest policies and the credentials required. In conclusion, hurdles are always awaiting an individual in their journey to accomplishing their goals. While these obstacles might deter one from the path, through patience, self-belief, and the help of others, a person can make the impossible possible.
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