Some people think that teachers and education professionals should make all of the important decisions about what subjects are taught in schools. Others think that business and industry professionals should make all of the major decisions. Which view do you agree with? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

What is the purpose of studying? To gain knowledge means to build our life and contribute in development of society. The subjects that are taught in schools should be corresponded in al spheres. In my own opinion, both sides are equally important as teachers and educational professionals are the best in basic sciences. On the other hand, business and industry professionals are aware of variety skills that students can benefit and easily move forward to be successful after graduation. I will justify my position and explain while by providing evidence to make my arguments strong. To begin with basic sciences, education professionals are good as they know how to introduce the importance of knowledge and moreover, they show a lot of good skills how to memorize the new information. However, business and industry professionals are able to open their inner talents or in which sphere are they interested actually, to find the suitable future career for them. I have noticed that, today many workers go back to university for changing their career profession. Hence, mutual contribution is needed in order to be happy and successful. Finally, many new fields are discovered by the business and industry professional and they are people who will hire the students after graduate. For example, it is obvious that 25% of Tajiks suffer from unemployment. So, if they contribute in this decision students will have more chance to get a job in the future. Moreover, a complete society is a society with mentally healthy people and for this teacher’s role is important especially in student’s behavior. I reckon that both decisions must contribute in order to make a perfect and professional decision. In conclusion, teacher and education professionals understand deeply about the subjects in school. On the other hand, students should not only study base on theories, but also practice their knowledge in fact. For all reasons I mentioned above, I think that both side should make decisions about what subjects are taught in schools.
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