Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? If you do not make sure other people (especially influential people or your employers) know about your strengths and accomplishments, you will never get successful in life.

It is a popular belief that, showing the abilities and accomplishments are key factors to get success, Although it is true to some extent, I bielive that there are some other factors which are as important as expressing the stregths and expertises. It is true that one of the major factors to make progress in life is showing our abilities to the decisive people whom have authority to promote us. we need to be equiped with knowledge and expertise to reach success. they are our weapon in this thechnology era. for instance, when it comes to choosing a suitable employee, recruiters should be sure that we are the best person who can do the job perfectly and even more make changes for the company. we should prove that we are the best alternative for the possition, and our accomplishments speak volume about it. On the other hand I beilive that nowadays there are some other factors which play significant role in our success, they are communication and soft skills. in the world we live in, communication is a vital role in the way to success. The ability to interact whith different kind of people, and make suitable network with them help us to be known in the community. besides, soft skills like problem solving, the ability to get adaptation to complicated situations are other important factors which are neccessary for improvement in life. In conclusion, it is true that proving our streghths and accomplishments are important factors in the way to success, but in my opinion there are some other factors like communication and soft skills which are as important as our accomplishments.
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