Some peoolw think that newspalers are the best way to get news. However, others believe that they can get news better trough other media platforms. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

When it comes to speak about news, people consider two approaches, reading newspaper and using media platforms. While there are some benefits to receiving news through the newspaper, I would argue that it is better to  get news from media platforms. Reading newspaper has been considered as a significant way for receiving news. One of the major groups who read newspaper regularly are elders, as they have got used to this manner since they learnt how to read. It makes them well-informed also since many of them are retierd, it enables them to keep up with the news as members of society. Also most newspapers are multi-objective and provide general knowledge and news. For instance they give us information and news about various topics such as economic, sport, entertainment, politics and et cetera. So whether you are looking for a specific news or only turning its pages it brings you updated information about something you didn't look for and increases your awareness about divers concepts. On the other hand I believe that it is more beneficial to to use media platforms for receiving news. Firstly these days we need resources which updates second by second and greatest tools are media platforms. Since they are internet based and the most populated news are available only by a click secondly this approach is free,no one chargers us for searching on the internet and social media. finally, they help us by providing visual data. For the reasons mentioned above it seems to me that the most magnificent way to have news is using media platforms.
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