Spoken communication is more powerful than written communication. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is believed that it carries more meaning when people communicate through speaking than when they try to convey their intentions through the written means of communication. I accept that spoken communication is effective, but I think that written words are necessary in some situations. Feelings can be expressed better by spoken communication. That is to say, the sadder, angrier or maybe happier someone is , the more the person is able to show his feelings by words that come out of his mouth. Oral communication comes with intonation and gestures that can help the audience clearly understand the feelings of the speaker. An obvious example of this situation is when storytellers tend to convert a written text to an oral story; they express words with an intonation that makes the story more appealing. This situation helps the audience have an effective interaction with the story and their feelings are affected. As a result, spoken communication is more influential when the subject contains feelings. Although oral communication is useful to express feelings, written communication is essential in some cases. To begin with, in a situation when a student wants to apply for a university which is located in another country and there is only an email address to communicate, as there is no to conduct a spoken communication, the student is forced to write a formal letter and email it to the university. Communication between authorities in different countries is another limitation that makes written communication necessary; because a mutual contract without being signed by ministries of the two countries is worthless. For these reasons, written communication is essential as well. In conclusion, in spite of the fact that spoken communication is able to express feelings more effectively, I believe that written communication is sometimes undeniably practical and powerful.
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