Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Taking a lot of time to make an important decision is often viewed as a bad quality for a person to have,but,in fact,it is a good quality for a person to have. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

As a perfectionist person who thinks a lot before taking important decisions, I will proceed with disagreeing with the provided statement. Although It seems to be a nice quality, It comes with more consequences than benefits. In our life, most of the important situations we get placed in require time-limited decision-making. So taking a lot of time to make the decision would lead to loss of opportunity or failure in the situation. In my opinion, one has to be an agile decision maker in own life to taste big successes. We take our decisions with a combination of our emotional and logical senses. In the beginning of the process, the emotional part is significantly stronger, as time moves forward the logical part gets stronger. So basically, as time flows, we move from an almost purely emotional decision to a purely logical decision. As a personal comment, I think both of those pure decisions are not optimal decisions. Because in the emotional case, we will decide with haste and in the logical case, we will take lot to think because logically there is always a better solution and that would be the case of our question. One should respect this trade-off and decide with a proportionate combination of emotion and logic. Let's view some examples in real-world scenarios: - Assume a stocks market trader who technically analyzes the price of stocks and decides whether to buy or not. By investigating patterns she understands that this might be a good point to enter. An emotional trader would immediately buy the stock without waiting for the confirmation signal wihch may lead to losses. On the other hand the trader who will think a lot, will lose the opportunity of taking profit. A trader will win who waits for the confirmation signal and enters with a stop-loss in case of price movement reversal. - Assume a social event in which one person gets attracted to another one, If he goes ahead with haste and emotionally, most probably he won't be able to handle the conversation really well and get rejected. If he thinks a lot about the situation, he won't eventually go ahead and will lose the opportunity. But if he thinks enough and makes the decision, he will have the best chance.
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